Look, Can We Wait A Few Years Before 'Comey: The Movie'?

It's stupid that this behind-the-scenes tale of the ultimate evil is being told while the tale is still unfolding
Look, Can We Wait A Few Years Before 'Comey: The Movie'?

The trailer for The Comey Rule just dropped and based on the title alone, we can only conclude it's a TV-miniseries about the Bad Boy-era Detroit Pistons knocking James Comey to the ground every time he drove to the hoop for a dunk. Wait ... that can't be right.

Oh, oh, it's about FBI Director James Comey's actions in the lead up to the 2016 election, and during the early days of Donald Trump's presidency. Hey, isn't Donald Trump still the President, right? And don't we have an election coming up in which Donald Trump could win another term?

Look, I don't want to suggest that this dumb extended movie is necessarily going to impact the election in the way that James Comey's letter to congress probably played a role in Hillary Clinton losing the presidency. I do think it's stupid, though, that this harrowing behind-the-scenes tale of the ultimate evil was made while that ultimate evil is still in office. We don't know how this election will turn out, and the outcomes range from *deep exhale* to World War III. It would be like if someone made a movie about Hitler's rise to power before he stepped foot in Poland. Oh right, they did make that movie. It hasn't aged well.

I'm sorry for invoking Godwin's law here. Hitler isn't Trump blah blah blah blah blah -- my point is can we at least wait 7-10 years after a historical event feels like it has reached a definitive conclusion before making a movie about it? Remember The Social Network? They made that movie in 2010, and admittedly, it's a great flick, but it's 2020, and we already need another Mark Zuckerberg biopic to cover all the shit we missed by jumping the gun.

It's the same thing here, but way worse. Like a fine cut of beef, history needs time to marinate, and James Comey's role in that history might still be cooking. It was literally only a week ago when we learned new details about the Russia investigation. Maybe in five years, we could make an insightful movie detailing Comey's dinner with Trump, but if Trump is still President in five years, then this Comey thing is the last thing we'd need to care about.

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