It's Snowing Chocolate In Switzerland

It's Snowing Chocolate In Switzerland

It's hard to find magic in the world right now, but if it could happen anywhere, it would be Switzerland, that wondrous land of cheese and chocolate. True to form, residents of the medium town of Olten woke up this week to find that it was snowing chocolate. But why? Some kind of confectionary Frozen situation? The tastiest nuclear winter? It couldn't be a good thing, right? This is 2020. Chocolate isn't allowed to just fall out of the sky without being a symptom of some kind of apocalypse.

It turned out that it wasn't a benevolent candy god, but it wasn't a catastrophe, either. There had been a malfunction at the local Lindt chocolate factory that ended up sending a massive cloud of chocolate dust into the air, which settled over the town like the ashes of a delicious volcano.

But this has to result in a local wildlife massacre or lung cancer somehow, right? Nope. Apparently, chocolate explosions are totally safe, but the Lindt factory -- who has since repaired the equipment at their factory -- is offering to pay whoever wants to clean it up anyway. Unsurprisingly, the town has steadfastly refused to do so. The Swiss embassy in the UK joked about how this isn't a regular thing ...

But it should be. Why shouldn't Switzerland become the land of chocolate snow? People come from all around to visit geysers at national parks, and those just shoot hot water and disappointment in family vacations. Also, Switzerland and chocolate is the perfect vehicle for this. No one would be jonesing to visit England if it started snowing chunks of fish and chips, or Boston if it began to drizzle baked beans and racism. 

Lindt needs to make this an event the Swiss people can look forward to. Mix things up. Sometimes, it can be dark chocolate, other weeks peppermint, or maybe do a coffee one in the morning. They need this. We need this.

Top image: Darrell Cassell/Unsplash

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