'The Avengers' Game Twitter Made The Worst Pre-Scheduled Tweet Possible

It's a weird time to post footage of a defaced Captain America statue.
'The Avengers' Game Twitter Made The Worst Pre-Scheduled Tweet Possible

There aren't too many jobs with lower stakes than being the manager of the official Avengers video game Twitter or at least you'd think so. But considering how accelerated our news cycle has become, scheduling tweets in advance for a corporate account might as well be ice-road trucking, and the Avengers Twitter account just skirted off the road and into a ravine full of gasoline and matches.

Marvel's Avengers @PlayAvengers Heroes Park once celebrated the Avengers, but has since been defaced. Despite the AIM drones that surveil the area, th

Here we have a still from what was a short, looping video (the tweet has since been taken down) in which some sort of police drones buzz around a "defaced" monument of Captain America. Surely this was just a pre-scheduled tweet from what is a decidedly bizarre marketing campaign for a video game (whatever happened to just showing gameplay footage), but there couldn't be a worse time to post this in the context of our current moment.

Right now, the country is up in arms over confederate monuments with protesters targeting them as symbols of racism and oppression, and as such, have begun to dismantle them, damage them, graffiti them, and push governing bodies to remove them. To have our real-world events juxtaposed against a defaced Captain America statue (who, I dare say, would be a Union man) sends a confusing message. To then add, "there are still people who believe and pay their respects to Captain America" basically turns this into alt-right troll porn. Certainly, this brings a whole new meaning to Captain America: Civil War.

I would argue this is one of the worst scheduled-tweet-blunders of all time, but there are certainly plenty of contenders. Take, for instance, during January of this year when increasing tensions between Iran led many in the country to believe we were headed to World War III. Weight Watchers did this:

Then, there was the time when, during the day of Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict, Entenmann's tweeted this:

E Entenmanns Entenmann's Who's #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?! 16 minutes ago via web Retweeted by ContraDawg and 24 others

The lesson here is a simple one: Either Entenmann's has some very controversial views about parenting, or maybe promo tweets are best made in real-time from now on.

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Top image: Marvel


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