J.K. Rowling Keeps Picking Fights With The Trans Community

J.K. Rowling really needs to get off Twitter for a spell.
J.K. Rowling Keeps Picking Fights With The Trans Community

J.K. Rowling is famous for writing the Harry Potter novels but is now arguably just as well known for being annoying on Twitter. She balances her time on social media between two objectives: needlessly explaining elements of her story that nobody asked about (Wizards shit where they stand and wipe it away with magic) and making transphobic comments. In that sense, her latest transphobic comment is pure wizardry, because based on the internet's response and even Daniel Radcliffe speaking out against her, she's found herself standing with some serious shit in her pants.

Rowling is known as a TERF or a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist and it is her belief that trans-women somehow invalidate the feminist movement. It might be confusing as to why she believes this, as tolerance isn't a finite resource like, for example, the gold coins in her books that must be hoarded by money-grubbing hook-nosed goblins and ... oh, was she talking about Jews here? Hmm ... perhaps Rowling isn't as woke as she thinks she is, but she certainly tries to be, which is why it's so mystifying as to how she could be so eager to tell us, after the fact, that Dumbledore is gay and that Nagini the snake is a cursed Asian woman (ugh), yet still willfully turn her back on the trans community. Here was her response:

The problem here is that Rowling is failing to make a distinction between sex and gender. It's why her argument that people who menstruate = women is so flawed. There are plenty of cis-gendered people who don't menstruate because of menopause (herself probably included), but that doesn't take away the fact that they identify as women. She doesn't have to worry about referring to women as "people who menstruate" unless menstruation is relevant to the topic at hand as it was in that article. Much in the same way, she doesn't have to stop referring to Harry Potter as "the boy who lived" and start calling him "the boy who lived and also secretes a tiny bit of semen when he sleeps" unless it is relevant to the story. Which, considering the wizard pooping thing, is probably a story reveal that she'll make sooner rather than later.

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