Stop Explaining What MLK 'Would Have Done' To MLK’s Children

Twitter users know no shame.
Stop Explaining What MLK 'Would Have Done' To MLK’s Children

On Monday, in Minneapolis, George Floyd died in custody as a police officer pinned him to the ground, placing his knee on the back of his neck. Floyd could be heard pleading, "I cannot breath," as officer Derek Chauvin continued to apply pressure until Floyd passed away. The following day hundreds of protestors gathered at the site of Floyd's death, and, shortly after, police officers swarmed, using tear gas and percussion grenades on the crowd. Pretty soon, the protestors and police clashed outside of Minneapolis Police 3 Precinct building, and we are now edging closer and closer to playing out that scene from The Dark Knight Rises, except here the cops are the assholes.

But that won't stop people from trying to make the argument on behalf of police anyway, because there are those who are more outraged by how one protests injustice than by the injustice itself. In fact, they are such experts on how to properly conduct a proper protest that they are willing to tell the children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exactly how their father would have done so.

Martin Luther King IlI @OfficialMLK3 As my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard. 11:17 28 May 20 Twitter for iP

"Sure, you might think you know how you're dad would have felt, but I read about him in a 3rd-grade history class, so let me tell you, this is what he actually would have felt." I don't know how little self-awareness one has to have to explain protesting to a man actually raised by Martin Luther King Jr., but I imagine it isn't classifiable in psychiatric terms. If you tweet at Martin Luther King III telling him what his father would or would not condone, then you're sending those tweets naked, while shitting yourself, in the middle of a kiddie pool in Starbucks, because that's how little regard you have to the society around you. Yet, the tweets keep coming.

What's really incredible though, is that while these people can be such astonishing scholars of history as to translate the exact intention of every one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s actions into the present day, they fail to divine any deeper meaning behind the President saying, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

This aftermath of George Floyd's death will continue to unfold in the coming weeks, but let us offer you some advice. If you're considering telling Dr. King's kids how their father would feel about it, consider shutting the hell up instead.

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