'Tenet' Looks Like The Most Christopher Nolan Movie Imaginable

No, this isn't time travel. It is something called inversion.
'Tenet' Looks Like The Most Christopher Nolan Movie Imaginable

The trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest flick, Tenet, premiered yesterday on Fortnite (it's a thing), and maybe it's the 2+ months in quarantine talking, but I don't think I've been more hyped for a movie trailer in my life.

Yeah, it's mostly the quarantine, but the trailer still looks great. We start with John David Washington being told that the word tenet will "open some of the right doors and some of the wrong ones too." A speech eerily similar to one I was given the time I walked in on my landlord pooping. Still, we later come to learn that Tenet is a code word of sorts that might grant Washington entry with a group of specialized agents that are trying to prevent World War III. It's unclear whether Washington's cohorts are from the future or can merely see into it, however, he is warned that what's coming will be worse than Armageddon.

Alfred the Butler, aka The Centerpiece Of The Nolanverse, brings up some Russian nationals so we know probably who our bad guys are. Then the trailer tells us "he can communicate with the future." "Time travel?" asks Robert Battinson, sorry, Pattinson. (Look, Nolan literally puts footage of the Dark Knight in the middle of the trailer. It's an unavoidable association). No, this isn't time travel. It is something called inversion.

Inversion seems to be the ability to rewind tiny pockets of space, and we see this illustrated by JDW "catching" a bullet with his gun. No, doubt this shaky interpretation of quantum mechanics is causing Neil Degrasse Tyson to foam at the mouth, but the effect itself is pretty cool. We see Washington rewind a gun into his hand during a fight sequence and then later see a flipping car be rewound into remaining right side up. The trailer leaves us with Washington asking, "this reversing the flow of time, doesn't us being here now mean it never happened?"

So we've got a high-concept premise-based off of theoretical science that is sure to spark debate, a secret group of agents engaged in espionage, a shit-ton of mind-bendy action sequences, and Michael Caine. Yep, we hit Christopher Nolan BINGO.

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