Jonah Hill Bests Samuel L. Jackson For Tops All-Time Cussing Total

These guys know their A, B, and C words.
Jonah Hill Bests Samuel L. Jackson For Tops All-Time Cussing Total

During these hard times, our hearts should go out to all those A-list actors. With the slew of award shows postponed, all they can do is languish in their massive mansions without any new prizes to thank their family for. Fortunately, one recent study is here to hand out an accolade that any acclaimed actor can be proud to put atop their mantelpiece: how many swears they can fit into their films.

According to Buzz Bingo's Profanity On Film, an in-house study that has poured over every swear word in over 3,500 film scripts, the award for the most potty-mouthed actor of all time goes to ... Jonah Hill. Quite the upset, as the young-ish actor, overtook many veteran cussers of the stage and screen such as Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino and, most shocking of all, Samuel L. Jackson -- who must really regret giving up his crown as King of Fuck Mountain for all those high-paying Marvel movies.

Hill's outstanding contribution in acting like a dad who just stepped on a Lego comes largely from his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. The film didn't just put him over the top as the most sweary actor of all time but also netted him the record for most F-bombs per word in a single movie. (The overall most swears in a single movie went to his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio). Hill isn't just the most rapid-fire F-bomber in The Wolf of Wall Street, but also in his overall career -- despite some very stiff competition from thespians like Sir Ben Kingsley.

While the study hasn't released its methodology (did it use the standard George Carlin measurements for maledictions?), the raw data does contain some interesting insights. For instance, Martin Scorsese, Judd Apatow, and Quentin Tarantino clearly remain the Holy Trinity of foul-mouthed filmmakers. Meanwhile, high ratio swear actors can be divided into two distinct schools of cursing: the older ''loud motherfuckers' like Pacino and Sandler versus the newer 'mumblefuck' style of luminaries like Rogen and Hill. Sadly, the study also shows that not a single female actor made the rankings, proving that we still live a society more comfortable with letting vanilla goobers like Bradley Cooper and Ashton Kutcher curse up a storm than excellent gross-out talent like Melissa McCarthy or Dame Judi Dench.

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