Cam’ron Is An Entrepreneurial Nostradamus

He's been hustling on a whole different level.
Cam’ron Is An Entrepreneurial Nostradamus

Rapper Cam'Ron has been way ahead of the curve for years. Back in 2002, the hip hop community questioned his masculinity because he had the gall, the fucking balls, to wear pink.

Fast forward to 2020. Doom Eternal, a video game so overtly masculine that it's disc might as well have pubes, has an alternate Doom Slayer skin that gives his drab forest green armor a white and neon pink unicorn makeover. The Miami Heat recently debuted a gorgeous neon-pink jersey. Millennials have an official Pantone color named after us called Millennial Pink. Cam'Ron's predicted, and maybe even started, a color revolution. But prognostication skills didn't begin and end there. The guy has been positioning himself as a pandemic entrepreneur for years.

While the rest of the world started slowly adopting the color Cam'Ron knew we'd, in time, all fall in love with, he was moving on to cashing in on viral pandemic in the exact ways we're seeing everyone do, from small Etsy shops to Disney. Years before you could be protected by putting a Baby Yoda face on your face to protect yourself against Covid-19, Cam'Ron was protecting people from Ebola by selling face masks featuring the famous image of himself wearing pink holding a pink flip phone to his ear.


Back when the virus was just starting to spread across the globe, everyone assumed that the viral pandemic would make them shit so hard they'll fly around the room like a loose balloon, thus necessitating enough toilet paper to TP a sequoia. Cam'Ron understood that toilet paper wasn't a luxury item; it was a necessity. People are always going to need to wipe their ass. So, he did his due diligence.

Turns out, toilet paper is a pretty easy industry to get into (if you've already got enough money to get into it) and is a constant money maker. While he never got his toilet paper idea off the ground (thanks to a lazy business partner), it's clear the man is an entrepreneurial Nostradamus. Where Cam'Ron goes, so does the market -- eventually. Sometimes it can take several years for the world to catch on. If you hear he's investing in laser cannons that can take out orbital dropships, maybe consider investing in laser cannons but also be worried about what Cam'Ron knows is coming.

But fair warning: not everything he says should be taken as gospel. For as good as he seems to be at predicting the future, he's terrible at the past. So maybe think twice about following the lead of a guy who thinks "there's no proof" dinosaurs ever existed.

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Top Image: Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam


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