The Unspoken Plot Consequences Of Weird Movie Moments

When you start to unravel these plots, your sanity begins to unravel too.
The Unspoken Plot Consequences Of Weird Movie Moments

Have you ever wondered why Keanu Reeves really loves funhouses? Ever wondered why movie presidents kick so much butt? Ever thought about head butting a wall? Well, alleged "Doctor" Jordan Breeding certainly has, and he's here to take a look at bizarrely specific movie tropes and the weird stuff they seem to imply.

This was inspired by the articles Bang Moms, But NOT Dads: 5 Weird Lessons From Movies and 5 Weirdly Specific Movie Tropes That Are Suddenly Everywhere. And be sure to subscribe to Cracked's YouTube page to check out episodes of our new and classic series.

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Director of Photography: Caleb Gritsko
Editing: Andy Sowar, Jordan Breeding, Caleb Gritsko
Special Thanks: Devin Byam

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