People Are Inserting K.K. Slider From 'Animal Crossing' Into Real Albums

People Are Inserting K.K. Slider From 'Animal Crossing' Into Real Albums

One of the coolest parts of early Animal Crossing games was dedicating your time to scoping out the music scene, which consisted of late-night performances by the train tracks by a one K.K. Slider. The little dog always had some sick licks for you.

K.K. jumped around genres, but his trusty guitar kept him going. He added to his repertoire over the years, and Kotaku has accused K.K. of "selling out," noting that now you can just buy his tracks in a little in-game computer at your visitor center. While you could just casually catch K.K. at the train station back in the GameCube days, New Horizons on the Switch makes attracting K.K. to your island for a concert a key part of Tom Nook's scheme to populate your island.

Ostensibly, that's what we want for our musician friends, success. But what we truly want, but never got for K.K., is artwork. We're talking album covers, posters, the whole nine yards. If an artist is gonna "sell out," they should really sell out. Luckily, Twitter's got K.K.'s back on this one.

That's a quality homage. Bowie would have been honored. And if you're already hitting up Bowie, taking a jump to Lady Gaga is just feels right.

And like we said, the guy's a big genre-crosser. He can go from Bowie to Gaga to Bjork without breaking a sweat.

Some of the better ones here do things to alter the album cover and make it totally Animal Crossing-centric, rather than just focus on K.K., because a musician should always remember their roots, you know?

And, oh, snap, now he's taking on Lil Yachty? Dog's got range.

K.K. Slider may have become a star, but in the game, he doesn't even have his own in-universe merch line. Kind of an amateur move there, but maybe the folks on Twitter can give Nintendo some ideas. He's an original, after all. He doesn't need to just cover other artists.

Top Image: Nintendo

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