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It's beginning to look a lot like we're going to be quarantined for a long, long time. By the end of this thing, you could be a mass of mashed potatoes after neglecting your exercise regimen for so long. If you'd rather not have to be scooped out of quarantine with a giant ladle, we've rounded up some of the best online fitness programs that you can follow at home to stay in shape. Plus, they're all on sale now.

Live Streaming Fitness: Lifetime Subscription

Stay In Shape At Home With These Home Fitness Deals

MSRP: $998

Sale Price: $79

Live Streaming Fitness gives you live and on-demand access to hundreds of classes from dozens of the world's best trainers. It's just like having Jillian Michaels locked up in your closet to bring out whenever you feel like it, except legal and not creepy. Plus, they offer dietary and nutrition plans to supplement your exercise.

iBodyFit Premium Diet & Workout Plan: Lifetime Subscription


MSRP: $499

Sale Price: $49.99

Rated the number-one online fitness program by TopTenReviews, iBodyFit gives you instant access to 400 online workout plans, 40 diets, daily VIP support, and live trainer feedback whenever you need it. Honestly, you might get sick of being so supported. Too bad: There's no "emotionally unavailable" mode, so you're going to have to just deal with being buoyed on a cloud of encouragement toward your fitness goals.

The Complete Fitness Trainer Certification Bundle: Beginner to Advanced

Stay In Shape At Home With These Home Fitness Deals

MSRP: $2,200

Sale Price: $29

If you're going to be working out so much, you might as well get that (much lower-calorie) cheddar, right? This comprehensive bundle will teach you everything you need to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach so you can hit the ground running with a new career after quarantine, especially if your former job was "spit-shiner" or "human subway pole."

Project HASIKO 28-Day Total Body Wellness Program: Lifetime Access

Stay In Shape At Home With These Home Fitness Deals

MSRP: $198

Sale Price: $39

Times are weird, and you're probably feeling pretty out of control. Project HASIKO is here to the rescue with a 28-day total well-being program that aims to help you build an empowering morning ritual. Across 28 days, you'll learn HASIKO FLOW, a powerful 60-minute morning practice that combines the best of pilates, yoga, and meditation to make you more resilient to stress, give you an energy boost, and improve your physical health. If a zombie outbreak can dominate England in 28 days, surely you can learn to relax your way to fitness.

TMAC FITNESS Beginner & Advanced Workouts: Lifetime Membership

Stay In Shape At Home With These Home Fitness Deals

MSRP: $3,580

Sale Price: $214

TMAC is a Los Angeles-based fitness trainer who works personally with athletes of all experience levels, including "lower than turf," in your case. In this comprehensive collection, you'll get a series of workouts that are designed to fit into your busy daily schedule. Just 15-20 minutes each day will have you seeing incredible results in no time, which very well might be all the time you have.

Crush Fit: Ultimate Fitness Program Bundle

Stay In Shape At Home With These Home Fitness Deals

MSRP: $199.96

Sale Price: $39

Crush Fit is the comprehensive program designed to get you into unbelievable shape in just 60 days. This bundle includes their workout programs Crush60, Crush60 at Home, Booty Bootcamp, and the GO! Workout Guide. By the time you're done, you'll be able to go outside! Maybe!

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