Sleep In This Random House From 'Harry Potter' For $200

Though Hagrid's indelible personal musk is free, and locked in the carpets.
Sleep In This Random House From 'Harry Potter' For $200

A lot of Harry Potter fans would love to actually visit J.K. Rowling's fictional universe full of magical wonders and wizard fascism. Up until now, the best way to achieve that dream has been to simply get hammered and stumble through Universal Studios' Wizarding World until security Expelliarmused your ass out of there. But now there's a way to visit, and even stay at, a real-life Harry Potter location ... albeit kind of a depressing one.

A house that was part of Godric's Hollow in the penultimate Harry Potter film is available to rent on Airbnb. Before Harry went to live with the abusive Dursleys (which a surprising number of adults were totally cool with), he lived in Godric's Hollow with his parents. In fact, that's where they were killed by Voldemort. Remember, Harry goes to visit there at Christmastime in a touching scene that's quickly ruined by a terrifying snake woman? Well, now this monster-infested murder town could be your next vacation spot.

Despite the fact that multiple outlets are reporting this as an opportunity to rent Harry's childhood home ...


You can now rent the house where Harry Potter got his scar

Harry Potter's childhood home is now a cozy bed-and-breakfast You'll recognize this house from the Harry Potter films.

... it's totally not. The house is part of Godric's Hollow in the movie, "opposite a fictional graveyard with a Christmas tree in the window." But Harry's childhood cottage was built for the film, and can be seen in the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. Come on, internet.

Sleep In This Random House From 'Harry Potter' For $200

Still, it looks like a pretty cool place to visit. So if you're not busy weekending at Tony Stark's funeral cottage, a night at the former B&B in Lavenham, England will cost you just $187-- though we're not sure how that converts to Galleons. While the interior of De Vere House looks cozy and luxurious, the historic facade admittedly makes it look like the kind of place that's seen its fair share of warlock murders.

Sleep In This Random House From 'Harry Potter' For $200

We don't doubt that this would be a fun destination for Potter fans, but you have to admit it's a little like Batman fans pitching a tent in Gotham's Crime Alley.

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