Someone Found Iron Man's 'Endgame' Cottage on Airbnb

Now you can live like Tony Stark (in a wholesome way).
Someone Found Iron Man's 'Endgame' Cottage on Airbnb

Spoilers for Avengers: Endg- oh come on, you've seen it by now.

For those who like spending their vacations indoors obsessively searching for hidden cameras, there's Airbnb, the website that connects you with strangers who rent out properties ranging from luxurious estates to sketchy vans. You can find almost anything on Airbnb, and one person actually found Iron Man's home. No, not the blatantly phallic Avengers tower. We're talking about his quaint lake house from Endgame.

A user posted the discovery on the Marvel Studios Reddit page, and sure enough, the Fairburn, Georgia cabin is seemingly the spot where Tony, Pepper, and lived post-Snap. Meaning renters can wander the same grounds where the Marvel heroes came together to hold Tony's tearjerking funeral, after apparently deciding offscreen that Black Widow wouldn't get any kind of memorial whatsoever.

Someone Found Iron Man's 'Endgame' Cottage on Airbnb

While the original listing didn't mention the Avengers at all, after the news of the house's cinematic fame broke, its owners (presumably inspired by the ghost of greedy corporate overlord Tony Stark) decided to cash in. They scrapped all the folksy talk in favor of a description that read: "This is the iconic cabin from the Avengers Endgame! Tony Stark's home and funeral site from the film." Which may be the only time a tragic death been used to advertise a vacation property.

The owners also jacked the price up from $335 a night to $800, then eventually a whopping $1,092. (For that money, hopefully they throw in a can of Febreze to cover up the stench of whatever Goop products Gwenyth Paltrow brought with her during filming.) For whatever reason, the listing doesn't seem to be up anymore, either because the media attention has left the owner swamped with requests or due to some kind of time-travel-related anomaly.

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