Kevin Sorbo And God Save The 2nd Amendment In 'The Reliant'

Kevin Sorbo is ... The Reliant.
Kevin Sorbo And God Save The 2nd Amendment In 'The Reliant'

When you need to protect the 2nd Amendment from a roving pack of wild liberals who are trying to take your guns or whatever, there's only one man to call. Kevin Sorbo is ... The Reliant.

That was a trailer for Sorbo's new movie, which is based on a book of the same name, meaning that The Reliant hits the rare feat of being a crime to both a cinema and literature. It's a classic dystopian faith-based YA gun rights movie. As the value of the dollar plummets, guns are outlawed and left-wing cuckstermination squads steal guns from conservatives so they can shoot them in the freedom with their own guns. The only thing keeping Hercules' family safe is their love for Jesus, which means Sorbo gets to continue his passion of disappointing gods across multiple faiths with his acting. (You're next, Vishnu!)

There are not any professional reviews of this film yet. But with a budget consisting entirely of Hobby Lobby gift cards and a supporting cast of Eric Roberts and Brian Bosworth, we're positive The Reliant will exceed all the hopes that Amazon books reviews like "Don't bother! Sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. Very poor writing style. Unrealistic. Talentless author!" or "Plain trash" or "I was angry! Angry that I wasted my time reading it" can raise.

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