Disney's New 'Lady And The Tramp' Stars An Actual Tramp

Disney adopted one of its actors (don't worry, it's a dog).
Disney's New 'Lady And The Tramp' Stars An Actual Tramp

Disney hasn't gotten the best publicity this week. They botched the deal with Sony that gave the two studios joint custody of Spider-Man, we learned of allegations from a former employee who claims they've fraudulently inflated their earnings, and if all that wasn't enough, the star of their upcoming Mulan remake decided to publicly voice support for Hong Kong police, inspiring a #BoycottMulan campaign on social media. Had Tigger been called out for sexual misconduct, things wouldn't have been much worse.

We're guessing that someone in the mouse's employ realized that now might be a good time to deploy some heartwarming news, which could be why we got some new details about the upcoming Lady And The Tramp remake. Despite the fact that The Lion King proved that Disney can create photorealistic animals using only computer animation and the fourth-billed star of Four Christmases, the new live-action Lady And The Tramp will actually be live-action, with real dogs and everything! Apparently, one of those dogs is Monte the terrier, who was rescued from the streets by a shelter before being chosen as a star by Disney.


It seems Disney wanted an extra layer of realism and opted to fill the role of Tramp with a canine actor who had actually survived a life of poverty, with only the occasional candlelit pasta dinner for sustenance. Earlier this year, Disney employees popped by HALO Animal Rescue shelter in Phoenix, Arizona and selected Monte to lead their remake. Now the "shelter mutt" is set to become a full-fledged movie star, even appearing on a magazine cover with his co-star. Yeah, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

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Had Disney gone the Lion King route and CG-d all of Lady And The Tramp's lovable economically divided pets, poor Monte would still be stuck in a tiny cell instead of doing designer drugs with the cast of Air Buddies, or whatever it is celebrity dogs do. Sadly, Disney didn't take the same approach to the voice cast. Tramp will be voiced by actor Justin Theroux and not, say, a guy producers found in a boxcar.

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