The Weird Detail In The New 'Shaft' Movie Nobody Noticed

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The fifth Shaft movie in almost 50 years came out this past weekend (and, uh, didn't do super great). It stars Samuel L. Jackson as the titular Shaft, co-stars Richard Roundtree as the original titular Shaft, and Jesse T. Usher as the new titular Shaft. Three generations of Shafts coming together to fight crime! Well, there's one problem with that.

In Sam Jackson's first Shaft movie back in 2000, Roundtree reprised his role as the original Shaft from the 1970s, under the conceit that he was the uncle to Jackson's Shaft. To pull off the multi-generational angle of Shaft 2019, they retconned that relationship from uncle and nephew to father and son. The problem is that Jackson is 70 and Roundtree is 76.

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A grey beard is all you need to be someone's onscreen dad.

Weird as this is, it's not like this is uncommon in Hollywood. Sean Connery was only 12 years older than Harrison Ford when he played Indiana Jones' father in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. Coincidentally, Harrison Ford is the same age as Richard Roundtree. So by the transitive property of stupid movie age logic, Harrison Ford is old enough to play Samuel L. Jackson's father. Richard Roundtree can be Harrison Ford's twin brother, and Sean Connery can be their dad. If this isn't the plot to the upcoming Twins sequel, then what are we even doing here, folks?

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