Disney's Toy Story 4 Merchandise Will Haunt Your Dreams

What parent wouldn't want creepy spork-related toys in their home?
Disney's Toy Story 4 Merchandise Will Haunt Your Dreams

Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters this month, and what would a Disney movie be without a breakout star whose face can be plastered on thousands of useless bits of plastic? Of course, in this case, we're talking about Forky, an anxious spork cursed with the horrors of sentience thanks to some googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms. We've mentioned before just how existentially terrifying Forky is, and it seems the recently released tie-in products that bear his likeness are no exception.

For starters, some Forky merch is surprisingly expensive. A talking Forky action figure costs $27.99, which seems like a lot, considering the character is literal garbage crudely modified by a small child. Most unsettling, though, is the line of Forky costumes, which were clearly designed by Satan himself.

Disney's Toy Story 4 Merchandise Will Haunt Your Dreams

Disney's Toy Story 4 Merchandise Will Haunt Your Dreams

Worse still is the UK version, which was presumably repurposed from all the kid-sized Slender Man costumes that didn't sell very well.


Etsy users are also getting in on the Forky bonanza, with items such as a Forky dog costume, for people who clearly hate their dogs. Even seemingly harmless items like jackets and T-shirts for some reason chose to highlight the disturbing nature of Forky's origins, specifically calling out his "existential crisis." (A reminder: Forky literally tries to kill himself in the movie.)



Of course, we haven't actually seen Toy Story 4 yet, so it's entirely possible that Forky will be so funny that we won't be able to resist draping ourselves in his branded apparel and dressing our children up in nightmarish bodysuits. But until then, we'll go ahead and consider him the creepiest Disney character since Michael Eisner.

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