The 'John Wick 3' Posters Are Some Serious Art

Van art's still art, right?
The 'John Wick 3' Posters Are Some Serious Art

Between ducking the internet to avoid Avengers spoilers and ducking the internet to avoid Game Of Thrones spoilers, it's hard to keep track of the current pop culture bonanza. So you'd be forgiven for forgetting that the release of John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum is just around the corner, waiting to duck out and double-tap you in the head. That's why the studio has found an ingenious way to grab your attention, releasing a series of vibrant posters that'll surely draw your eye.

SAN e FE T an W C K MAY 17
Just don't stare directly into his.

The John Wick saga has always been unapologetic about being style-over-substance-ish, and nothing screams flair more than an artfully done poster bucking the current trend of just showing Matt Damon's face or 70 main characters vying for a spot in the middle like they're photobombing the Oscars. In the run-up to John Wick 3's May 17 release, many posters were put out in various styles, but all with some serious street cred backing up their work. Just look at this striking neon gorefest, which looks like the stained glass window from the first ever Church of Synthwave, whereas Wick himself resembles some sort of patron saint of arms dealers (a position that's, weirdly, already been filled). .

"Do you have any dog-related sins you wish to confess?"

There are also a couple of posters that use unusual angles to highlight the disproportionate, even overwhelming odds John will face, and the impersonal nature of assassins throwing bullets at each other like they're memos from HR.

MAY 17 beic

"Yeah, I took your lunch from the fridge. What are you going to do about it?"

Of course, nowhere does it say that arty posters are supposed to only be high art, which may explain some of the other posters, which, while beautifully rendered, you won't find in any art gallery anytime soon. Like this adorable poster of Wick's loyal dog, which would work much better on the side of some proud wine mom's van.

MAY 17 wahwicz
Minus 10 van points for not having it howl at a full moon.

Or this slightly anime-looking poster that looks more like a wacky foreign bootleg than a poster a major studio willingly put its name on.

John Kawaiick

And we're pretty sure we've seen this poster on someone's right shoulder blade next to a tattoo of Rick Sanchez vomiting on Osama Bin Laden.

MAY 17 wJi
"You can barely see the name of the ex it's covering up."

Still, this mix of high and low art is in a way exactly what John Wick's upmarket B-movie vibe is all about, and their vibrant nature will surely get you in the mood to watch two and a half hours of people in black suits shooting black guns at night.

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