We Found the Grossest 'Avengers: Endgame' Ads

Avengers: Endgame continues to make all the money in the Universe. And naturally, a blockbuster of such magnitude features a number of soulless corporate cross-promotions, from Happy Meal toys to cereal boxes to an ad in which the Geico Gecko uses the Infinity Gauntlet to reduce insurance prices instead of, you know, committing interstellar genocide.

And while you might think that the Disney-owned movie would shy away from partnering with products related to sex, this is apparently not the case. In India, the Avengers have assembled to promote Durex condoms. After a bootleg copy of Endgame surfaced online, Durex put together this ad for social media which urges people to "Avoid Leaks" -- referring to both plot spoilers and semen (the spoilers of casual sex).

Durex/FacebookWhen you think about it, most superhero costumes are full-body condoms anyway.

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Even weirder, Durex also employed the Avengers font for another social media post, in which their product serves as a "dead end" for sperm. The ejaculate in question seems to be turning to dust, implying that these condoms have Thanos-like powers that can murder sperm as easily as if they were some of the beloved superheroes we saw exterminated in the same depressing fashion.

Durex/Facebook"This ad has convinced me to use a magic space mitten as a prophylactic." -- the average consumer

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Durex Arabia also got in on the Marvel game, tweeting an image of a condom wrapper with Captain America's shield on it and imploring followers to "celebrate" the movie's release in "super style." So if your enjoyment of Endgame was marred by mass public fornication, you now know who to blame.

Twitter/@DurexArabiaAt least condoms are a better option than rendering yourself sterile with gamma radiation, Banner-style.

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