Behold The Official Sesame Street/Game Of Thrones Crossover

Behold The Official Sesame Street/Game Of Thrones Crossover

Over 12 books and eight seasons of television, A Song Of Ice And Fire fans have been trying to figure out which character is Azor Ahai, the reincarnated mythic hero of old. And now we finally know who he is, the savior born of red flames who will bring light into the world and reunite all the kingdoms.

It's Elmo.

As Season 8 of Game Of Thrones ramps up, it's becoming painfully obvious that the greatest threat to mankind isn't the horde of walking dead, but the constant bickering between power-hungry nobles who were never taught how to share. So who better to step in and save the world than the good folks over at Sesame Street?

New character Lord Elmo achieves more to stop the White Walker apocalypse than any of many schemers in Westeros. And all he had to do was get Tyrion and Cersei Lannister into the same room and get them to promise to try to work out their difference for the common good. Which is much healthier than the usual GOT playbook, which would have Elmo poison Cookie Monster's cookies, resurrect his bloated body, and make him serve as an armored behemoth that feeds on carnage and chocolate chips.

Behold The Official Sesame Street/Game Of Thrones Crossover
While these fools tarry, the Swedish Chef is recruiting an army of 10,000 doughty hens.

The ultimate peacemaker move is part of Sesame Street's new "Respect Brings Us Together" campaign. Among other things, Sesame characters are going around HBO shows to teach all those very combative characters more about love and respect. A great message that only leaves one question: Who is this aimed at?

Are there a lot of two-year-olds who understand who the Lannisters are and what they've done to each other? Because there ought to be a solid decade and a half of maturation needed between Elmo teaching you how to tie your shoelaces and Cersei Lannister teaching you how to keep political power after being paraded naked through the streets by firebombing a church. Then again, everyone needs the occasional refresher on the importance of respect -- from children to medieval nobles to ASOIAF fans who keep yelling at George R.R. Martin to finish the books before he drops dead.

And if Elmo can't convince the people of Westeros to work together, Grover has already developed the perfect way to determine who gets to sit on the Iron Throne.

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