Topher Grace Has Made The Greatest 'Star Wars' Trailer Ever

The former 'That '70s Show' star has a hidden talent: making our least-favorite trilogies suck less.
Topher Grace Has Made The Greatest 'Star Wars' Trailer Ever

Fan creations are a tricky beast. On one end, there are of those weird Games Of Thrones fanfics that somehow include even more incest. On the other, there are elaborate cosplays that can easily be mistaken for a Hollywood production. And somewhere in between those are some talented film nerds out there making amazing reimaginings of our favorite movies and TV shows.

One of those nerds, apparently, is actor Topher Grace, best known for starring in That '70s Show and being the third-best movie Venom, behind Tom Hardy and Jeff Goldblum. (See our fan edit, The Fly, But With All The Fly Scenes Replaced With Venom.)

Together with professional trailer editor Jeff York, Grace has released an amazing Star Wars mega-trailer, weaving all ten official Star Wars movies together into one big narrative that somehow never even mentions galactic trade agreements. Instead, Star Wars: Always manages to focus on the important themes that recur throughout all the movies, like freedom vs. fascism, the passing of lightsaber-shaped batons to younger generations, and most importantly, the willful denial of the existence of Jar Jar Binks. And impressively, it does all that in only five-ish minutes.

That shouldn't be such a surprise to anyone who has followed Grace's second life as a kickass editor who can slice the fat out of any bloated property with lightsaber precision. In 2012, he gained a bit of notoriety when he held a one-off screening of an edit called (and confusingly numerated) Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back, in which he turned the entire Prequel Trilogy into one 85-minute movie. And according to the Hollywood insiders who were present, it might just be the "best possible edit of the Star Wars prequels" -- which is less of a compliment than they probably meant it to be, but still.

But for Grace, editing movies isn't a career move, but a geeky hobby to help him clear his mind. Like a Hollywood Marie Kondo, he finds there's "something really zen" about de-cluttering his favorite movies. For instance, after he portrayed David Duke in BlacKkKlansman, he took some time to cut the entire Hobbit trilogy into a single two-hour movie just to exorcise America's most mayonnaise racist out of his mind.

Unfortunately, we'll probably never get to see any Grace's edits ourselves, because no director in the world wants you to realize just how much of your time they wasted stroking their own CGI-enhanced ego. Which is a shame, because it forever robs us from being a kind of film snob who can scoff and say, "I'm holding out for the Eric Foreman edit of Dune."

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