Kanye West Liking Trump Is The Most Kanye West Thing Ever

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By this point, you're probably aware that Kanye West outed himself as a supporter of Donald Trump. It's all that anyone in the media can talk about, and like raccoons digging in a garbage can, they're scrambling for anything that'll allow this story make any goddamn sense. Because even in a world in which Donald Trump is president of the United States, him being cozied up to by the guy who got his start by singing about what it's like to have your jaw wired is a step too far. We don't have the psychoanalyst community on speed dial like other major publications do, but we've got an idea about what's going on, and we'd love it if you could hear us out.

This is happening because it's the most Kanye West thing imaginable.

Much like an Andy-Kaufman-shaped tornado, Kanye is a force unto himself. He can't be controlled, he can't be reasoned with, and above all else, you're never entirely sure whether he's fucking with you. West first outed himself as a supporter by saying that he would've voted for Trump -- and then immediately followed that up by saying that he still believes black lives matter, that women's rights and gay marriage are good things, and that racism is a problem. And if you know anything about this administration, those things were somewhere between Priorities #60,890 and #845,002 during the first hundred days.

His support of Trump also comes off the back of a long career dunking on the establishment, from his early material which covers subjects like voter discrimination, policy brutality, and the crack epidemic to his later work criticizing presidents who mistreat black people -- which includes Barack Obama (both for using him to appeal to the youth during his first election campaign and about how "nothing" changed in Chicago during his time in office) and George W. Bush for you know why, don't play this game.

West is a performer given to making huge proclamations and gestures, and he married into a family that turned "being rich and living in California" into an omnipresent dynasty our civilization hasn't seen since the Habsburgs. Also, during the 2016 election, Kim supported Hillary Clinton and Kanye donated $2,700 to her campaign, and that's off the back of another $15,000 he donated to the DNC in 2014 to assist with the midterms. If this doesn't turn out to be a piece of performance art, there's always the explanation that he's trying to jinx Trump 2020.

When he announced his newfound love of Trump, his first foray into punditry wasn't subtweeting Sean Hannity; it was posting poorly pirated versions of Scott Adams' videos -- you probably know Adams better as "the Dilbert guy" -- in which he rambles on for an insane amount of time about how Kanye West liking some crazy right-wing videos has caused reality to break. Furthermore, this whole incident reminds us about the last time a mainstream-rattling musical icon teamed up with a square, embattled president for his own self-serving, devious ends, none of which made anybody involved look particularly cool.

Kanye West Liking Trump Is The Most Kanye West Thing Ever
Ollie Atkins
*play for full effect*

So that's our explanation: West is doing it all because he is Kanye, and sees a kindred shit-starting spirit in Trump. Both wish to be acknowledged on a primordial level, decorum and the exasperation of anybody in a five-mile radius be damned. In that respect, they are not unlike the moon, a mummy's curse, or a flying tire fire that levitates silently behind you for years, perpetually 300 yards away. West going all in on Twitter for President Caps Lock shouldn't be a shocker -- rather, it was an inevitability.

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