Behold, The Freakiest Moment In Sesame Street History

On Sesame Street, Mr. Snuffleupagus has been Big Bird's best friend for 45 years. Generations of children have adored Snuffy for his gentleness, but little do they know that everybody's favorite Muppet pachyderm harbors a dark -- carnivorous -- side.

Many years ago, the cast and crew of Sesame Street were celebrating a season wrap party with their families. During the opening comedy routine, Snuffy was assigned the role of emcee, but the anxious Muppet just wasn't up to snuff and kept screwing up his lines. Several snafus later, Mr. Snuffleupagus grew so flustered that he straight up ate one of the kids in the audience.

And now you know why his fur is the color of dried blood.Sesame WorkshopAnd now you know why his fur is the color of dried blood.

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Of course, this was staged (as it's a universal truth that no Muppet can be truly evil). Snuffy's victim was a Sesame Street cameraman's nephew who agreed to be sacrificed for the sake of comedy. According to staff writer Annie Evans, the joke came to fruition a year later:

"At the next season wrap party, Snuffy came on to start the show again, but he wasn't feeling well. He had a tummy ache for some strange reason. Suddenly, he started to heave, and he 'threw up' the same boy from last season, now wearing a tattered shirt and covered in goo."

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And if that story failed to give you chills, behold Mr. Snuffleupagus' earliest appearances, which fell somewhere between "demonically possessed pile of ground beef" and "sentient shag carpet."

The Muppet kid isn't operated by by a puppeteer. It moves by the souls of the eaten.Sesame WorkshopThe Muppet kid isn't operated by by a puppeteer. It moves by the souls of the eaten.

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Don't worry kids, Snuffy is still quite fluffy.

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