5 Psychology 'Facts' You Believe (That Are Myths)

These days, any mention of depression is met with, "You just have a chemical imbalance! Go see your doctor for pills!" The unspoken implication is that depressed people are looking at their normal, happy life and seeing a distorted gray haze instead.

Our Most-Shared (And Loved?) FB Posts This Week - 2/21

"Depressed folks are consistently more realistic when it comes to predicting future events and have a better sense of the passage of time than nondepressed people. It turns out, the inherent pessimism that comes with the condition results in an unusually level-headed and rational view of both themselves and the world around them. "

6 Historic Acts of Revenge That Put 'Kill Bill' to Shame

Rome invaded Iceni, captured Queen Boudicca, and flogged and raped her daughters. Unfortunately for Rome, they didn't understand who the F$@% they were dealing with.

Our Most-Shared (And Loved?) FB Posts This Week - 2/21

"Before she'd been stopped, Boudicca had obliterated three Roman cities, burned Roman London to the ground and massacred 80,000 Roman squatters in a manner that only the Celts can appreciate."

"Our readers have taken this week's popular headlines and stripped them of all the bullshit so you can quickly digest all the important stuff, and spend as little time with a sad, creepy uncle as possible."

I'm The Voice Of Siri: And No, Apple Didn't Pay (Or Warn) Me

It's bizarre that Apple didn't feel the need to even give Susan a cursory, "Hey, just FYI, we bought your voice, and soon millions of teenagers are going to be trying to trick you into saying dirty words."

Our Most-Shared (And Loved?) FB Posts This Week - 2/21

"There were Siris all over the world because, for instance, I don't speak Thai or Japanese. They had to have native speakers. And all of the original Siris weren't paid for the usage. We were paid for the original recording sessions, but we weren't paid for being on all those phones. Which is a pretty big issue for us. I know there was one person who ended up getting fired from another job because he was working for a company that considered Apple a competitor. His voice was on the iPhone, and he lost a job because of it."

"Are you broke? Don't lie to us, of course you are! Everybody is! And it's not just because of your crippling addiction to Boom Beach, it's because you're letting yourself get taken for a ride literally everywhere you spend money."

"Hey, guess what? All that stuff you do that you think makes you healthier or makes the planet better or makes puppies and kittens dance a salsa together? None of it works!"

5 Heroic Attempts to Do Good (That Backfired Horribly)

It's an above-average church.

A group of Christian Scientists found the ideal plot of land for their church. Only one thing stood in the way: a beautiful old oak tree. So they redi

"The aerial image of the Church of the Flaccid Cock went viral on the Internet after it was discovered by a local resident. To add to the hilarity, the church is located in 'Dixon, Illinois.' And the church's motto? 'Rising up.'"

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