6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

When fandom hits 'Single White Female' levels, we get entertaining and/or depressing yarns like these.
6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

When fans get super into a movie or TV show, they typically dress up as their favorite characters and hit up their local convention -- in which case, the only victim of Hollywood's seductive siren song is said fan's wallet. But that's only the normal level of obsession. When fandom hits Single White Female levels, on the other hand, we get entertaining and/or depressing yarns like these ...

The Breaking Bad Creator Asks Fans To Stop Throwing Pizza On Walt's Roof

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

"Breaking Bad fans keep throwing pizza on someone's roof" is a weird sentence to type, but a bunch of you know exactly what we're talking about. If you don't, there's a famous scene in the show in which Walter White gets pissed at his wife and throws a pizza over his own roof.

Toss a pizza in the air, and Emmys rain from the sky. It's the law of television.

Hilariously, the pizza stayed there for several episodes, practically becoming a new character in the show. You know what's not hilarious, though? When literally anybody else does it. When a bunch of drunk frat boys roll up to the very real New Mexico home and lob hot cheese pies at the roof, it's not a joke; it's trespassing and vandalism. If you do this, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan personally thinks you're a prick, pizza-slinging guy.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Via Break.com

"Aw crap, what am I gonna do with a pizza now?" -- a monster

This "joke" got so out of control that actor Jonathan Banks (who plays the sexagenarian hitman Mike) threatened to "hunt down" those who did this. That's an outcome the home's owner is desperate to see, judging from this sign:


Although that's exactly what someone secretly cooking meth would say.

At least some fans seem to have gotten the message and are finding less invasive ways to get their damn pizza roof photos.

Via Idreamofpizza.com

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Ariana Gonzales/HotSpot Media

"Thanks, but maybe you should do some other scene, like getting dissolved in acid maybe."

The Owner Of The Goonies House Becomes A Reluctant Hermit

Paul Cole/Flickr

You grab your Wheaties box and sit down to breakfast. You glance out the window at the clear and sunny morning ... and then you see it. A man, his shirt pulled up to his chin, shaking his flabby belly all over your front yard. He is, without a doubt, 30 years old. Throughout the day, more men come, of all sizes and shapes, all pulling their shirts up and waggling their stomachs. All of them, indisputably, 30.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Warner Bros.

This, all day, every day.

This was the existence of the owner of the Goonies house. When she originally purchased the home over 10 years ago, visits were few and far between, so she was more than happy to invite people inside for a quick tour at the time. But with the introduction of Twitter and the upcoming remake of the 1980s classic, unannounced visits increased dramatically -- to the tune of thousands of belly-dancing 30-somethings a day. To make matters worse, the city officials themselves encouraged this awkward behavior, to the chagrin of the unhappy homeowner.

Tired of the endless sea of visitors, the owner finally walled herself away from the world, putting up giant blue tarps to hide her famous house and setting up signs trying to convey her sad side of the story.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Maggie Vespa, KGW News

Imagine that you buy house, fx it spend up, a 4me and love Then money. the cityt of Astoria encourases: 100 000's of people to come and stond in front
Maggie Vespa, KGW News

"Please, pectin now brings me to tears."

Apparently, overgrown children with an undying passion for '80s nostalgia assumed it was their privilege -- nay, their right -- to have unlimited access to this poor woman's domicile. Above all, Goonies never say grow up and stop watching kids' movies.

People Keep Ghost-Hunting At The Conjuring House

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Warner Bros.

Everybody loves a good scary story, but nobody wants to live in one. Unfortunately for the owners of the house featured in The Conjuring, that's exactly what happened to them when their home suddenly became famous for being full of ghosts (according to a "based on real events" movie about two exposed fraudsters, anyway).

For months, the poor elderly couple endured trespassers traipsing through their yard searching for the souls of the dead they assumed must inhabit this peaceful British home, simply because they saw it in a movie once. The fact that the people who've lived there for decades say that they've never seen a ghost didn't seem to deter them. It's not like they shot the movie there; the real place doesn't even look like the set they used.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

Warner Bros.

"Holy shit, it's a reptilian shapeshifter too!"

The real terror here is being in your 70s and constantly having flashlights shone through your windows at three in the morning. That's heart-attack-inducingly terrifying at any age, which is a potentially huge problem, considering the gentleman who resides in the house actually has a heart condition. If there isn't a ghost there now, there might be at some point because of these assholes. The harried couple frequently had to break the news to hopeful fans that The Conjuring was just a movie and their house is just a house, only to have new visitors show up the following week. That's worse than any curse Hollywood could think up.

When people weren't peeping in the couple's windows, they were calling the couple on the phone and uploading YouTube videos of their illegal tours of the home. Often, the poor homeowners had no idea the intruders had been present on their grounds until the videos showed up online.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

Thankfully, The Cumjuring porn parody was filmed elsewhere.

But at least the elderly couple doesn't have any impressionable young kids ... unlike the residents of the Haunting In Connecticut home. In their case, people would barge up to the front door in order to tell the young ones living inside that their house was totally haunted, because they're not the ones who are gonna have to calm down the screaming little critters afterward.


"That's right, supernatural things exist. Except Santa. He's fake as hell."

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

Sex And The City Fans Have Destroyed All Happiness

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Via 100thingsnyc.com

Despite all the hate spewed at Sarah Jessica Parker every time an Internet angel gets its fedora, Sex And The City was and still is a hugely popular TV show. The first follow-up movie made $57 million in its first weekend, while the show's initial sale into syndication ran TBS $700,000 per episode. That's enough to actually have sex with everyone in the city, we're pretty sure.

Clearly, Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals are a hot commodity. So it only makes sense that Carrie's swanky townhouse would be a piece of prime property if it were real. Which, of course, it totally is:

NO 2ss
Rob Young/Wiki Commons

Unfortunately for the also-real people who live there.

After the film's release in 2008, throngs of rabid fans traveled to Perry Street to treat an average neighborhood like it was a Disney World attraction. While the tours helped boost sales in local shops and bakeries, fans were so rude that they would litter the streets with cupcake liners after recreating that iconic scene in which Carrie and Miranda ate cupcakes on a bench. You know the one. No? Neither do we, but something tells us it was both sex and city as all fuck.

Jefferson Siegel/The Villager

Practical use for a fanny pack #37: portable trashcan

This blatant disregard for Mother Earth got so out of hand that one neighborhood resident described the street as a "hellhole," while another took to sitting outside her apartment and screaming "Idiot!" at anyone who would listen, because she is the hero we deserve. Seriously, if she was digitally inserted into every episode, we'd actually watch this show.

Eventually, the Perry Street tenants won their hard-fought battle and had their street removed from the show's tours. The cupcake zombies moved on to infect other parts of New York, finally giving those people some peace. That is, until SJP started a new shoe line, and guess where she decided to promote it?

serahjessicaparker FOLLOWW 60.6k ikes sarahlessicaparker It IMSE take your socolection shoes n wOrk day. longdoyforCarrie whewwwwvthosesteps Frunningi
Sarah Jessica Parker

We're no fashion experts, but a line of single shoes sounds kinda stupid. You usually need at least two.

Just when they thought their lives were back to normal, Parker waltzed right back into them for an unauthorized photo shoot on the steps of the place she once called pretend-home -- ignoring a "do NOT go on staircase please" sign the owners had to install. Maybe she didn't see it? Yeah, that's probably it. She totally missed the sign while taking a picture of it.

Do SiRCASA NOT LIlELE o piease on
Sarah Jessica Parker

Putting a chain around a place usually means "please come here and mess up all our shit."

The People Who Maintain The Jersey Shore House Had To Repaint It On A Weekly Basis

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
Via Streets Dept.com

This might come as a surprise to you, but it turns out that die-hard fans of Jersey Shore are kind of douchey. Not satisfied with simply taking horrible selfies in front of the house where Snookie slept, these super fans wanted to leave a part of themselves behind, marking up the walls with notes to the cast. The cast that only lived there for two months a year.


That's what you get for unleashing "The Situation" on an unsuspecting nation.

They even took pieces of the house home with them, ripping off chunks of the roof, walls, and whatever they could get their grubby fingers on to ensure they had a permanent piece of television disaster history forever in their homes.That's about as tasteful as taking some goop from the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and probably about as toxic.

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)

The owners have clarified that they're not liable for any bacterial warfare agents these people might catch as a result.

The house was meant to be rented out in the off-season, but the realty company had to pay for weekly maintenance and repainting in order to keep the place looking decent. They also had to hire security to keep away the throngs of coconut-oil-smelling vandals. While the show was in production, maintenance duties fell to the show's producers, but that gravy train derailed years ago. Then again, the owners charge $2,500 for a one-night stay in this perfectly average home, so maybe they'll manage to get ahead after all.

The Mrs. Doubtfire House Had A Perpetual Shrine To Robin Williams In Its Yard

6 Famous Houses From Movies (That Ruined The Owners' Lives)
rulenumberone2/Wiki Commons

The world was stunned when we lost the paragon of childhood comedy last year. And naturally, fans felt the need to gather together to comfort each other through their shared loss. Unfortunately for one 79-year-old man, hundreds of them decided to band together outside his San Francisco home -- the house made forever famous for being visible for a few minutes in Mrs. Doubtfire.

On the news of Robin Williams' passing, fans gathered outside the home to pile heaps of flowers, pictures, and movie memorabilia in loving memory of their favorite wacky actor. The problem is that the piles grew so high that it became literally impossible to leave the house via the front door.

Youre oele Smd taa
ABC 7 News

Built-in zombie / Jehovah's Witness / Avon Lady deterrent, though. So, upside.

This year, the front door remained accessible, but heartbroken fans are still coming to scribble all over the sidewalk and rock garden instead.

Emmanuel Vozos

Even the Smurfs were sad about Williams.

In spite of it all, the homeowner (who is a retired surgeon) has never said a single disparaging remark about the memorials and never-ending sea of fans. But how could he, right? You can't be the guy who says, "Walking out my door to a shrine for a beloved dead actor kind of blows sometimes, you guys" without immediately being branded an asshole for life. On top of everything, he had to deal with a disgruntled ex-patient of his setting fire to his garage, which is like the plot of one of the more upsetting Williams movies (you know, like Old Dogs).

By comparison, the Mork And Mindy house, and even Williams' own home, are left nearly completely alone.

will be Missed MORK

Vietnam remains largely unchanged, too.

The obvious respect for the Williams family's privacy is a wonderful thing to behold. Maybe the same courtesy should be extended to the guy in the Mrs. Doubtfire house. There's always that bench in Boston.

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