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As you've no doubt noticed, we here at "the Cracked" are primarily motivated by charitable concerns -- hence the lack of any kind of merchandising on the site, and our stalwart forgoing of any and all advertising dollars hurled at us by passersby.

Just kidding! Obviously we're complete and total sellouts who gleefully inject subliminal corporate messages into your brain with each and every Ad-Bearing Content Unit we churn out (you call them "articles"). But you know what sucks worse than all those ads we make you look at, and even worse than the ones you don't know about?

Malaria. That's not a punchline. Don't look for the funny. Malaria sucks.

That's why we have momentarily set aside our petty goal of piling the most money that's ever been piled and instead turn our sights to eradicating a terrible disease and piling the most money that's ever been piled, but for charity (and tax write-off purposes).

Join Soren, Michael, Dan, and Cody on THIS VERY PAGE as they participate in the 24-hour COMEDY GIVES BACK Internet-o-thon. Our team will be taking you on a tour of the world at 9 a.m. PST, joining an amazing lineup, including Greg Behrendt, Comedy Bang Bang, College Humor, Childrens Hospital, Kevin Nealon, Reggie Watts, Marc Maron, and many others, and will be doing FUNNY THINGS for a LONG TIME, hoping to raise funds to combat this odious disease. Our LA live stream will be coordinated with sister Internet-o-thons in Australia, the U.K., and New York. So yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

Log on. Watch stuff. Donate.

Comedy Gives Back Live Stream by comedygivesback
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