21 Real Deleted Scenes That Completely Change Famous Movies

Any creative enterprise is an inefficient one, but movies probably have it the worst. Poets can talk about spending all morning putting in a comma only to spend all afternoon removing it, but at least they can be sure their main audience is going to get a B- if they don't notice. Filmmakers go through all the same emotional heartache to get every detail exactly perfect, and half the time their audience is too busy eating microwaved nachos to realize they did anything at all.

We recently told you how some bad movies are one casting change away from greatness, but in this Cracked Classic we showed cut scenes from famous movies that, had they left been left in, would've changed your favorite movie memories and therefore (if you're anything like us) your entire development into adulthood (maybe we take movies too seriously).

Whether it be time constraints or just plain dislike, directors cut scenes from movies all the time. Sometimes, though, what finds its way to the cutting room changes the finished product drastically. We asked you to provide us with those scenes and gave the winner $200 ...


by MickMalone1983


by ninja_dingbat


by krakenkraked


by Whiskey&Science


by DanielM.Clark


by the_mad_butcher

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