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32 Insane Movie Ideas Built Out of Existing Movie Titles

There's a game they play on Doug Benson's podcast in which guests are asked to build the longest title they can out of existing movie titles. That got us wondering if you could actually build a good movie that way. It turns out that, well ... no you can't. But you can build some titles that make for some pretty ridiculous movie posters.

The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


by gcgoebel


by Scarin


by skubasteevo


by Tim_Mixon


by DoctorSmashy


by maluba


by DominicCobb


by Cobravision


by Cobravision


by mightyzamfir


by maluba


by hail2daking


by Miles DuBonnet


by TorpedoVegas


by Tim Babb


by ClydeM

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