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Batman and Superman: Two of the most iconic and influential comic book characters of all time. One is an anti-hero, vigilante that never kills. The other is a golden boy that stands for truth, justice, and the American way. Except that, upon closer inspection, they really aren't (except for that whole "iconic" part).

You see, when you dig far enough into the characters, they pretty much boil down into a couple of contradictory murderers. Assholes, really. Don't believe us, then how do you explain things like ...

Entry by AuntieMeme

Entry 22
by AuntieMeme

Entry by AuntieMeme

Entry 21
by AuntieMeme

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Entry by AuntieMeme

Entry 2
by AuntieMeme

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Congrats, AuntieMeme. You win money.

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by AuntieMeme

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