The 30 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes

Here's Robin Hood, standing proudly with the weapon he's least famous for. What's wrong Germany, couldn't you find a boomerang to give him?

These two represent the two houses of German parliament, according to an update we just posted on Wikipedia.

Do you see this Hillary Clinton? Do you see?! Look into the true face of socialized medicine!

It's the neck trunks that make these costumes, since we're all picturing the guy chatting up another party guest while sucking down a nearby beer with his trunk (for the purposes of this scenario, we're assuming the guy just got a tracheotomy).

Hey, you know who would find this offensive? Cavemen. You know who else? Fucking everybody.

This costume relies on a well-known stereotype, the greedy Asian chef. In Germany, Asian chefs are routinely blamed for the country's ills.

Admittedly, we've grouped a bunch of the most racially tone-def costumes together; very few of the costumes we saw on German costume websites were this bad. But let's be honest: These costumes should never have been made in the first place. It's like they've never even seen a person in Germany who wasn't white.

Could it get any worse than this?

Holy fuck.

Well, that looks utterly impractical. At least it's kind of cute. Hey, we wonder what else could be done in this vein?


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