We don't know about you, but if there's one thing we need to find, it's religion. At least after that Vegas trip last weekend. Yep, we gotta get some sort of right with some sort of God, and fast. But which one?

Well, Cracked may not be known as studiously wise team of spiritual advisors, but we do know our crazy facts, and if religion's full of one thing, it's crazy facts. We can tell you how organized religions advertise sex, and which religions were started for sex. We can tell you which religion guides Donald Trump, and it's the weirdest Presidential religion since Nixon's worship of day-old deli ham. Or maybe you want to turn to something older, more ancient? Well, we can explain some ancient religious mysteries, if that helps. Religion is a wild journey, and we're here for you, in possibly the weirdest way. Just one rule: all atheists must read this before continuing. 


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