Dr Strange

Before he was putzing around the multiverse and its accompanying madness, before he was helping Peter Parker with IRL Spider-Man retcons, and before he unethically suggesting Tony Stark snap, Doctor Strange was just a humble, second-in-a-generation British actor doing an American accent while playing an arrogant yet skilled doctor. Whoops! We confused real life with movies again. That wasn't even the first Doctor Strange movie, anyway. 

When fellow magic user Wanda Maximoff was introduced by a HYDRA soldier solemnly intoning “this is the Age of Miracles,” Marvel fans knew Stephen Strange had to be around the corner. The superhero surgeon and his Cloak of Levitation have swooped from the lows of “lesser-known late addition” to the cosmic highs of “central figure in the fabric of the universe” as the MCU has started to bend space-time. Below is everything Cracked has written about Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. Though a word of caution: results may vary depending on where, when, and which you are in the universe. 


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