Darkness falls over the city. Air thick with industrial decay and eerie fog. Ambient sounds of sirens. Just one more job, you think to yourself, heading to the part of the docks the tourists don't go. Just one more job, you think, until WHAM! It's that guy in a cape and bat ears! We ever come up with a name for that guy? Batman? Really? Isn't Batman a city in Turkey

Let's get one thing clear: the best Batman is the Batman: The Animated Series one. And the Lego Batman is the most pure Batman. And the Batman we love most is the Nolan Batman. And the Michael Keaton Batman is the craziest Batman. And look, we'll be here all day, is there really such a thing as a bad Batman? Even the most reviled versions, like the Joel Schumacher movies, had good Batmen. We can quibble for all eternity about our favorite Batman, but every argument leads to this: Batman is rad. For Exhibit A-Z, we present more than a decade's worth of Bat-research, Bat-pinions, Bat-debate, and Bat-theory:



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