Trailer for Swaim's Feature Length Horror Movie


Trailer for Swaim's Feature Length Horror Movie

Kill Me Now is a buzz saw of laughter crunching through your funny bone. Kill Me Now is a meat hook of hilarity biting into your coccyx. Kill Me Now is a movie.

One summer, many years ago, sent its head of video, Michael Swaim, and Those Aren't Muskets! director Abe Epperson deep into the Illinois woods to meet director Travis Long and shoot a horror comedy featuring as many of their favorite Internet comedians as they could chloroform and shove into a van. The cast includes the entirety of sketch phenomenon Good Neighbor, Jacob Reed of Tremendosaur!, Katie Willert, Katy Stoll and Michael Swaim of Those Aren't Muskets!, Nick Mundy of Team Tiger Awesome, Noah Byrne of Horsehead Businessman, and parts that were PERSONALLY passed on by both Nick and Brian of BriTANicK. And other people, too! And DOB's in one shot!

Find out what happens when you cram all those things into a cabin and send a brilliant but demented serial killer (Brett Fancy; EastEnders, Luther) to murder the crap out of them. Or, well, no, you won't find that out yet, this is just a trailer. But you'll get excited about it, and that's the point. Then LATER you'll find out. You know how it works.

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