The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)


We've already told you about some of the Internet's most prolific photobombers, because the Internet is a place that continuously rewards people for doing trivial things. As it turns out, there are even more photo-assassins out there who are a great deal more famous (but every bit as cheeky and hilarious) as the ninjas we featured in the previous installment.

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is best known for being on a television show 11 years ago. He's been involved in a number of other projects since then, but clearly his favorite is making ridiculous cameos in other people's photographs like a zany ghost haunting a family album:

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)

When Fillion isn't busy being the wrong Private Ryan or hanging out with the rest of the Internet's favorite people, he's screaming mime rage at the backs of friends' and co-stars' heads like a silent movie Hulk:

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)

This is either his pooping face or his O-face.

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)
Arcimoto's Facebook


And occasionally puzzling over how a human being can look like James Gunn.

His photobombing isn't confined to stills, either. Fillion is notorious for ruining takes by simply appearing behind other actors when he isn't supposed to. He even manages to do this in scenes that he is already in.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is best known for being hated by most fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation while it was still on the air. Nowadays, in between attending Star Trek conventions and making guest appearances on the only television show that will make your eyes gouge themselves out, he pulls a face like Popeye getting a catheter made of Tabasco and fish hooks and lurks behind girls getting their picture taken:

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)

Although to be fair, it is unclear who is photobombing whom in this picture.

In this photo taken at a SyFy Network convention, Wheaton somehow manages to whip out his puckered goblin face and still not be the weirdest-looking guy asking for a picture with Felicia Day:

fy Gretot ONO
Wil Wheaton

He totally cinches the third place trophy, though.

Wheaton also occasionally joins forces with other photobombers, such as Nathan Fillion:

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)
Nerdist's Year in Review

Seen here inexplicably taking a prom photo with Chris Hardwick.

And Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame:


Appropriately, "busted" is the word that immediately comes to mind.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a talented guy. In addition to being the only Super Bowl champion quarterback and MVP in history to have Peter Gallagher's eyebrows, he's been an accomplished photobomber since before photobombing was even a thing. It began back in 2006, when he just started quietly showing up in the background of Green Bay's Team Captain photos:

7 30 2 29
Packers via jockpost

While doing the LL Cool J kiss.

At first, people assumed that it was a coincidence. That is, until he managed to show up in every single photo for six goddamned years.

GANIS 25 81 26
Packers via Rodger's Photobomb

8 75 8 39

He explores varying levels of subtlety in his appearances.

Rodgers' photobombing has become such an enduring gag that he's started using props, because as the career of Carrot Top has taught us, prop comedy is side-splittingly timeless. You can see every last one of his photobombs here, if you are unemployed and/or simply have absolutely nothing better to do with your time.

0O 89 93 61

"Hey. Hey, guys. I'm AARGHon Rodgers. No, wait. Aaron RAARGHers. Get it? Because I'm a pirate."

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