4 Unintentionally Hilarious News Visuals


In our era of constant distractions, most of us only half listen to the news while checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush -- hell, you're probably doing at least three other things while reading this (and we're not counting pooping). But it turns out that if you pay a modicum of attention to those serious faces on your TV telling you the news of the world, you might find hidden gems of accidental comedy, like ...

Chicago News Station Accidentally Shows Sheep Sex Warning Sign

When a news station in Chicago asked viewers to supply pictures of a tornado passing through the area for their coverage, the Internet didn't disappoint and provided them with a manipulated photo showing an obscene warning sign, which was on live TV in all its glory for a total of 40 seconds:


In the inevitable gritty reboot of The Wizard of Oz, that sign will impale the Wicked Witch of the East.

If you haven't spotted it yet, in the lower left corner there's a sign that depicts a man making sweet love to a sheep, although some sources seem to think it was a cow. This is clearly a question that will reverberate throughout halls of learning for years to come.


It could also be a tiny hors- OH SHIT, BRONIES!

Look. Look at the small black bar that denotes the man's penis going into the cow-sheep. At one point a meteorologist even approaches the enlarged photo to talk about the cloud with the sign of the man-sheep love fest mere inches from him:


"Wait, that's illegal? I, uh, need to call my lawyer."

MSNBC Likens Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Engagement to Falling onto Train Tracks

Everyone remembers the exact place they were on the night of October 21, 2013, when the world was rocked to its core by the news that Kanye West, self-proclaimed rap genius, was to wed Kim Kardashian, noted famous person. To cover the news of the happy occasion, MSNBC accidentally paired it up with footage of a lady sleepwalking onto the train tracks in a Boston subway station:

4 Unintentionally Hilarious News Visuals

Actually, that's pretty damn accurate.

Perhaps it was a cutting narrative attempt by MSNBC to sum up everyone's reaction upon hearing a new development concerning the Kardashians, or maybe it was just the fact that the mere act of typing the word "Kimye" leads one to complete lunacy. Either way, we're glad the lady is fine now, and we suggest that she stay away from any trains when the inevitable divorce coverage hits.

NBC News Shows Entirety of Australia on Fire

According to NBC News, the apocalypse is here, and Satan has decided to take Australia first, as half the country is apparently engulfed in hellish flames. Check it out:

4 Unintentionally Hilarious News Visuals

This viral marketing for Mad Max 4 is getting out of control.

The above image accompanied a very somber-looking Brian Williams as he relayed the news of the "exploding" and "out of control" wildfires devastating Australia ... when the affected area was in fact contained exclusively to New South Wales. Which is not the whole country.

4 Unintentionally Hilarious News Visuals
Google Earth

At least they didn't toss the entire continent into Brazil.

The mix-up occurred when NBC came across a bushfire chart used by emergency services that shows every small fire currently occurring in Australia, not just the massive one being reported on in the story. Since everything down there is terrifying anyway, they just decided that this fire situation should be no different and ran with it.

Right Wing U.K. Leader Gets Hitler Mustache on the BBC

Nigel Farage, a United Kingdom Independent Party leader, had a busy day fervently denying reports of a Hitler Youth past mere hours before he was scheduled to appear on the BBC. And then, just as the right-wing politician was calling for stricter immigration control, the stars aligned and a big-screen TV showing his face in Salford, Manchester, glitched in the most magnificent, Hitler-tastic way:

LIVE Wosteiesto kor immigration in the shadow, really, of Enoch 07:1

"Say, isn't that the funny YouTube bloke that's always upset?"

A BBC sportscaster was on hand to witness the miracle and tweeted the image of Farage rocking a temporary, perfectly placed Hitler 'stache (courtesy of a dead pixel on the screen). The mustache stayed there, accompanying him as he continued to deny any rumors of a racist past, and all the while Farage was completely oblivious to the fact that his own face was betraying him in the worst possible way.

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