4 Features We'd Like to See on Popular Websites

In the grand scheme of things, there are really only a handful of websites that the public at large turns to each day for basic needs. These mammoth sites like Facebook and YouTube have built such a high level of visitor loyalty that they're pretty much free to tweak and change their sites however they see fit, secure in the knowledge that people will be back day after day, no matter what kind of changes they make.

You would think, with all of this freedom to tinker and change away, that at some point one of these websites would introduce some of the features we, as users, have always dreamed of. Things like the long desired "Dislike" button on Facebook. But until these sites start listening to their users, the best we can do is dream.

Here are four useful features we'd like to see on popular websites.

Detailed Friend Requests on Facebook

facebook 9 Search *1 You have a Friend request Mark Johnson 3 mutual friends Request Report You spoke to Mark for 5 minutes at Stacy Cole's Christmas

Getting a friend request from someone you don't recognize can be a trying situation. On the one hand, you don't want to be rude and shoot down a request from someone you know but may just not quite remember at the moment. But at the same time, you also don't want to approve that creepy dude just so he can have free rein to jerk off to your vacation photos.

With detailed friend requests, you can always know exactly why that mysterious friend request showed up in your inbox. Or you could just take our word for it right now ... it's a creepy dude who wants to jerk off to your vacation photos.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness Rating Breakdowns

4 Features We'd Like to See on Popular Websites

Should you really see that Fast Five movie now that you can buy it on DVD for $4.99 at Walgreens? According to RottenTomatoes.com, you totally should. But wouldn't you like to know more about what kind of thinking went into that 78 percent freshness rating before you make a final buying decision? After all, you could use more French onion dip also, and you're certainly not going to carry both things back home with you. You're not made of upper body strength.

With this more in-depth look at what makes the public think Vin Diesel is worth your hard-earned cash, you can make the decision between badass action flick and blocked arteries an easy one.

More Powerful YouTube Search Filters

You Tube Video you're looking for Q Brows Subscriptions Browse channels Show uploads only 0 subscriptions > Filter Sort by Relevance Upload date View

Looking for a song on YouTube shouldn't be difficult. In this day and age, every person who has ever released music should rightfully have some kind of video representation of their work online that they deem "official." A lot of artists do. If you're searching for Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" video, just type "survivor eye of the tiger official" in the search box and there it is.

But when those "official" videos don't exist, chaos reigns supreme. Your search for a definitive version of that obscure song you always mention at parties but have never really listened to is going to come in the face of massive competition from coffee house dorks doing acoustic covers and bait-and-switch types who label the video one thing and replace the music with their favorite Swedish death metal tune in the hopes of converting you to their side.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a filter to get around that nonsense?

WAY More Powerful IMDb Search Filters

IMDb Find Movies, TV shows, Celebrities and more... All Movies TV News Videos Community Scarlett Johansson Actress Director Soundtrack Scarlett Johans

"This is a change that needs no explanation" is something one of those "bro" sites that don't mind ending sentences with a smiley-face emoticon that's wearing sunglasses would say. But this is Cracked, dammit, and we know that you, the reader, demand to know one good reason why more powerful search filters on IMDb would be useful.

Well, we'll tell you ...

Boobs. It's because of boobs, just like the picture shows.

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