How A Loneliness Epidemic Snuck Up On Us (with Jason Pargin)

Technology! Progress! And so many other things with surprising downsides!
How A Loneliness Epidemic Snuck Up On Us (with Jason Pargin)

"Social atomization" is a term that sounds like science fiction. It could be the title of a 1950s B-movie where a mad scientist vaporizes a dance party. But when sociologists use that term, "social atomization" is a complementary set of shifts you might have noticed lately: more loneliness, less societal trust, and an increasing feeling that nobody's got your back. What does it mean if that's happening to all of us? How can that happen without anybody intending it? And can that impact everything from your personal health to your national government?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt sits down with Jason Pargin (who writes for the site as David Wong). They'll explore why prior generations with rampant crime (!), Richard Nixon (!!), and the music of disco (!!!) feel better off and more cohesive than we do today. We'll also take one step back and look at the awful reasons why some people are talking about this in the first place. And if we all stick together and trust each other, we might see a few ways out of this predicament.


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