There is nothing good about the novel coronavirus. And please take its danger seriously! Stay home if you can! Also, speaking of staying home: as we all make changes to grapple with this global pandemic, have you noticed there are a few things you don't miss? A few events and social practices and gas-guzzling drives you're better off without? On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Adam Tod Brown (Unpopular Opinion, MTV, Playboy) and Dan Hopper (Ranker, The New Yorker, CollegeHumor) for a look at some things COVID-19 put on hold -- specifically the most foolish, inefficient, straight-up bad things in the entire world. So throw on some headphones and have a fun and critical think about everything from the Olympics to April Fools Day to an insanely wasteful daily practice we should've questioned a lot sooner.


Unpopular Opinion

Dan Hopper on The New Yorker

Google Cancels April Fools' Day Plans This Year Due to Coronavirus

San Deigo Comic-Con/Twitter

Breaking Down Comic-Con 2019 by the Numbers

The Paradox of the Incredible Shrinking Comic-Con Expansion

Tokyo Games chief says postponed Olympics not certain to go ahead in 2021

Japan passes 'brutal' counter-terror law despite fears over civil liberties

Brazil's Olympics Meet Its Favelas

5 Awful Stories You Haven't Heard About the Winter Olympics

5 Creepy Things London Did to Prepare for the Olympics

Rights group: 1.5 million people displaced by preparations for 2008 Beijing Olympics

"Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, and the Struggle for Democracy" by Dave Zirin

Tokyo officials say 2020 Games will cost $12.6 billion, but audit says it's much more

Has Russia "destroyed" the Winter Olympics?

A 28-Mile Road in Sochi Could Have Been Paved with Caviar -- And It Would Have Been Cheaper

Los Angeles awarded Olympics as IOC hits panic button

Krakow withdraws 2022 Olympic bid after residents vote 'no'

Why Beijing Is a Terrible Choice for the 2022 Olympic Games

An Aging Autocrat's Lesson for His Fellow Dictators

AMC Monthly Movie Ticket Subscription Program Crosses 860K Members On One-Year Anniversary

The Green Lantern on Green Lantern

The environmental impact of watching a movie might surprise you

Should Thursday Be the New Friday? The Environmental and Economic Pluses of the 4-Day Workweek

Wisconsin voters face long waits, lines amid coronavirus outbreak

Here's What Voters Told Us About Voting In Wisconsin's Primary

Shelby County v. Holder

Closed voting sites hit minority counties harder for busy midterm elections

Southern U.S. states have closed 1,200 polling places in recent years: rights group

How California's wave of uncounted ballots could swing results

GOP cries foul after California thumping

Republican Cries Against Voter Fraud Go Mostly Quiet After Scheme Tied to Party

Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts.

President Trump: "I think mail-in voting is horrible, it's corrupt."

Did DOJ Propose Rollback of Defendants' Rights During Pandemic?

Unpopular Opinion - Ep. 338 - "Huge Problems COVID-19 Is Making Worse"

Celebrating 65 Years of Peanuts

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