Aside from a couple original standouts, horror movies seem to trot out the same 5 or 6 monsters/killers/haunted board games each year. It's The Fourth Life-Partner of Chucky (they're not putting labels on things). Saw 3.14: Circular Saw! Oui-3: Revenge of the Ouija!

The Saw joke isn't even a joke. The 8th Saw movie is coming out this year. There are no remaining Hollywood actors who haven't been murdered by the Jigsaw killer.

To end the stale repetition put forth by the horror industrial complex, Alex Schmidt is joined by a panel of Cracked's David Christopher Bell and Brett Rader, as well as comics Hallie Cantor, Greg Edwards and Danielle Radford to talk about 15 real life urban legends and folk monsters that deserve their own horror franchise that runs about four films too long.


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