Better Versions Of Your Favorite Entertainment Juggernauts


We're not here to judge. Actually, let us restate: we're not here to judge you. It's actually our job to judge lots of stuff, like movies, tv, candy, you know, the stuff of Cracked. But we thought, why should we have all the fun?

We felt like it was time to hear from you guys a bit. After all, you’ve proven your instincts to be laser-light on much of the time.

So we got to thinking: is the stuff everybody thinks is so great really that great? There's a glut of incredibly popular entertainment out there. People cleave out whole parts of their lives to binge-watch this or that or listen to podcasts about a show that wrapped up ten years ago.

The thing is, a thing isn't necessarily popular because it's good. We asked our readers to come up with better, lesser-known versions of popular games, music, books, and other pop culture staples.

The best one is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by Adam Nixon

but bored Love survival-horror franchises? same-old with the EVIL... skipping RESIDENT Try And try out DARKNESS! ETERNAL This little-known Gamecube re

Entry by

If collectible figurines are your jam, you probably know FUNKO'S oP! Line, but butwhatyoushould get to know. is what Quantum Mechanix's Fig FIG LINE C
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