Amazing Progress That Got Buried In The Barrage Of Bad News

Turns out not all news is bad. In fact some of it is startlingly good.
Amazing Progress That Got Buried In The Barrage Of Bad News

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We live in a world where bad news sells. The news cycle is loaded with violence, terror, and depression, and almost nothing else. But, if you dig a little bit, you'll find that there are good things going on around the world. Great things, in fact.

This contest was suggested by JarOCats, whose optimism took us completely by surprise.

We now know how to turn stem cells into human heart cells. The goal is to use a catheter to plant new cells into a damaged heart, letting the heart
CRACKED.COM Researchers have discovered a way to tweak the gene that causes CYSTIC FIBROSIS a terminal lung disease whose sufferers seldom live beyond
The CRACKEDc COM Great Belize Barrier Reef is no longer considered endangered. Because of environmental regulations and an end to oil endeavors, Beliz
The governors of California, Montana, and New York have signed regulations that would force net neutrality in their respective states. INTERNET. ESPET
Scientists may have discovered a way to make biodegradable plastic. When we make paper, there is a natural byproduct nicknamed tree glue. Tree glue
CRACKEDCON The governing body of the City of London- the square mile business district of the capital - has announced that from October 2018 onwards,
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine are testing out a new non-opioid pain reliever, EMA401, that may be more effective for chronic
The number of civilian deaths from political violence in Iraq has dropped by 76.4% this year. According to UNAMI (United Nations Assistance Mission fo
CRAE A Ugandan man developed a low cost test for malaria that doesn't require drawing blood. Brian Gitta developed a device that clips onto the finger
CRACKEDco COM Thanks to wind turbines, Sweden will reach its 2030 renewable energy goal THIS YEAR! As the saying goes, never leave till tomorrow that
A new vaccine could protect against multiple strains of HIV. HIV >: Rather than protecting against just one specific strain, this vaccine is created f
A company with the help of scientists from Harvard found a way to transform CO2 in the air into gasoline. Air to Fuels Air, Sun, Direct Air Capture Ca
NASA ROVER CURIOSITY FOUND ORGANIC MATTER ON MARS This means: We're much closer to knowing whether there was or is life on Mars.
Scientists made CRACKED COM an interesting breakthrough in treating brain cancer, by using the poliovirus. The researchers managed to engineer a polio
The UK is moving to ban gay conversion therapy! UIIS As part of Britain's plan to be a more inclusive society, they will eradicate the abhorrent prac
Canada gets its very first pay- what-you-can grocery store, courtesy of Feed It Forward. YOU CAN PAY WHAT sol OPEN bup BAR BY FEED Creatin Pay nt Forw
Amazing Progress That Got Buried In The Barrage Of Bad News
SCIENTISTS ARE HOPEFUL THEY CAN SAVE THE NORTHERN WHITE RHINOCEROS FROM EXTINCTION. Before the last male rhino died, his sperm was preserved and used
Scientists found a convenient way to stop airborne diseases like influenza from spreading. Far ultraviolet C light (Far-UVC) can effectively kiLl flu
Scientists accidentally invented an enzyme that could break plastic down very effectively. While studying plastic-eating bacteria, a group of internat
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