30 Most Baffling Design Flaws of Popular Products

As advanced as our society is, some nuisances that accompany things we use everyday seem pretty ridiculous.
30 Most Baffling Design Flaws of Popular Products

Hey now, we're pretty appreciative of the times we're living in -- at least we aren't wiping our asses with pine cones. But, come on, with as advanced as our society is, some nuisances that accompany things we use everyday seem pretty ridiculous. We asked you to show us the worst offenders, and gave a bunch of slightly bent dollar bills that won't be accept by vending machines to the winner ...

Windows 8 how do a Windows 8 how do you close an application? Windows 8 how do you find your files? Windows 8 how do you shut down? Windows 8 how do y
Access to electricity is universal' except for... CELL PHONES! WHY!? Could you imagine being FORCED TO BUY a new cord with every other new appliance
What's the matter with you; I'm SOOO easy to use. J UST pull the string to the side and feed itin, what coud 109sili gowwong? CRACKEDc COM
Automobiles are ideal for families. Families tend to have kids, and kids are great at making things fucking nasty. somehow auto makers are still manag
A vacuum cleaner is about as loud as a freeway for some reason. CRACKED COM
Time for a new roll? Now get the P*cker started without shredding it
Width of the keys on my iPhone: 1/16 of an inch. Width of my fingertip: 1/2 of an inch. Send QWERTIYUIOP A SDFGHJKL ZXCIVBNM X 123 Q space return
This is Print Screen. Everybody knows what this does: it takes a picture of whatever is currently on your screen. Prt Scr SysRq This is SysRq, or Syst
What's supposed to happen 10 ridern: COMMENTST 1-100-524-2064 ww.tridentoum.com XUFT FOONS What actually happens COMMENTS Every tiroe. Car AL O tidett
Pull handles on the push side of a door. Do you pull? Do you push? Whatever you choose, 50% of the time you'll look like an ass. CRACKED COM
dyson airblade The fuskest. men hyeianic hond dryer. Insert slender bitch-hands to dry Don't touch the edges, that 1 defeats the purpose. Loudly compl
Anti-diarrheal pills come in time-consuming, difficult-to-access, Oh-My-God-I-Can'tTear-This-0pen- Holy-Shit-I-Need-A-Palr-OScissors- Ow-IJuSst-Cut-My
Skype- Folca ieno Svee Cantad Ceererses C e Taie He Bva Yl Leligle e Clne Call rvisrywee fue Contae He Herant Fevedtes ohe + Detes That red X.only ia
Planning a evning DT IGIID PC geing? 98 86% 181% BUL OO 3HEL 58 i0o ROKI 100 400 Amo HEALTH ARS ARMOR 600 600 inch Ct Press Ctrl to send Press this fu
Logitech-M305 Optical Mouse. Nice mouse, how can we Logitech make it better??? M305 Lets put the on/off switch right next to the red laser optical sen
Legos fit SO perfectly together... Thin pieces sometimes require a special tool to separate them. CRACKED COMT
CRACKEDOON Try snapping these 000 buttons on the first try. While the baby sCreams and kicks. Then do it G second time beCause you misaligned the firs
TO OPEN, PUSH HERE. Pushing in that spot gives Panties you a brief in moment of hope that it might Goats open before Nanny reality sets in, and here a
Survived A Raging House Fire 4 5 Slightly 2 9 Toasted Yet Floppy CRACKEDCON
Not only is the Restart button below and to the right of two of the more popular buttons on the keyboard (Delete and Enter)... Celata Brd ...but when
Auto-flush toilets are a It's not menace. that they never the right flush at It's that there time. time when a IS no flushes toilet that itself isn't
Instant streaming is great, except for rewinding and fast-forwarding. hh R Why not just use the controls that come with nearly every online video? Ret
CRACKED.COM Those wings sure are convenient... ...When they stick to underwear like they're supposed to AND NOT TO LEGS, OW!
Most smartphones CRACKED.OON can do anything nowadays... But who thought it was a good idea to put the Micro SD slot INSIDE thE case in some of them?
APS LCK The go-to button for trolls has occupied an inordinately large chunk of your most valuable keyboard real estate since the introduction of the
About This Manual CRAGKED oreensene Selamee slon diolavsi this TWICE 6-30 General Gulde tn chano from ros aumt a Timekeeping Mode AlarmMode Stopwatch
CRACKED.COM Macbook Pro's edges are so thin and sharp it can injure your wrists after a prolonged use.
ROLLL SINGLE oUBLE DoublE see Because fuck the convenience of holders
Bathroom Stalls Have Those Nice Big Gaps For A Reason... weather Crazy eh? having. we're To Make New Friends!

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