14 Characters Who Don't Get Fired (While We Would)

14 Characters Who Don't Get Fired (While We Would)

Hollywood loves to depict the modern workplace as fun, hilarious, and even romantic. But come on. Be serious for a second. There is absolutely no way workplaces are that cool. Most of them aren't even that clean, or filled with that many hot people. And we know—being internet writers, we've been in a few horrifyingly undignified workplaces. And we have spent more time trying to not get fired than we have falling in love, mocking our bosses, and starting a mutiny on a rebel spaceship a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

So yeah, workplaces being chill and rad and fun and basically dating apps? Our readers are here to throw some cold water on that hot take. There's all kinds of crap that movie and TV characters get away with all the time would literally get you fired, if you tried them at work.

Things like ...

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