25 Ways Restaurants (Sneakily) Hack Your Brain

Your favorite restaurant is playing you.
25 Ways Restaurants (Sneakily) Hack Your Brain

Food is big business, so restaurants put a ridiculous amount of effort into maximizing their dining experience. Everything you see, smell, touch, and taste has been carefully designed and styled to keep you coming back.

Have you ever enjoyed eating in complete darkness? Perhaps you've always liked to eat your supper with giraffes? Or maybe elephants? Or maybe you want to eat at a restaurant where you can enjoy drinking from gold bottles? Yes, you can experience these requirements in this century. 

Is there any need to waterproof the phone and take pictures and videos in one of the world's largest exceptional restaurants? Consider Rangali Tropical Island, in the Maldives, a stunning and romantic underwater eatery that is more than sixteen feet below the surface. The all-glass hotel, which opened in 2005, serves great food, sliced brisket eye, veal, as well as other fine dining dishes. The restaurant, encapsulated in a translucent acrylic dome, provides diners with a spectacular wide-angle view of aquatic creatures splashing in the Maldives' clear waters.

This article includes many of the most incredible, exceptional, and strange restaurants serving ways from all around the world. For example ...

Specials are a way for the restaurant to get rid of food. GECIL AASTRAML Special EpeciolToday SPECIAL NOwsERE BAcON CHEESE SLNIC FARM BURGER 5.5 SED
RESTAURANTS connect food to family Customers are especially drawn to names of relatives. WE DON'T GOT FOOD, WE GOT FAMILY Specials of the Day GRANDMA
CRACKED.CON Artistic food presentations appear to taste better than regular ones THE ART OF PLATING
Restaurants serve you bread before you order to make you hungrier. The simple carbohydrates in bread trigger insulin production, which makes you hungr
Some restaurants avoid putting the prlce right after the menu item so that you're less likely to think about money. ZUPPA DEL GIORNO BrUsCHETTA OF THE
25 Ways Restaurants (Sneakily) Hack Your Brain
High-end restaurants avoid putting pictures of their food on the menus. It's too plebeian. onor m salad SALAD SEART PEPYEK ROMAENE RED DICED AN CRILLE
Customers consume more calories in dimly lit restaurants. A 2017 study determined lighting plays a role in how people order meals. Customers tend to m
Restaurants givE food items nice descriptive names So you'll want to buy them more. New York Cheesecake Style Cheesecake $25 $27 Not only does this si
Drink or chug? Restaurants will serve your beer in a curved glass as that tricks you into drinking faster. Fast drinkers tend to get reflls.
WouLd YOU Like FRies WitH CHAT? Studies have shown that, if asked, people will eat 85% more food if it is offered to them. Tricky, tricky! CRAGKED CON
SOME RESTAURANTS WILL PLAY CLASSICAL MUSIC AS A TACTICTO GET YOU TO SPEND MorE. According to researchers, that's because classical music makes you fee
Chinese restaurants that provide forks and knives could actually be tricking people into eating more! People subconsciously eat less when using chopst
CRACKED COM Many restaurants have exploited what's known as the Delboeufillusion; serving a meal on a bigger plate to make it look small, thus making
Restaurants put overpriced items on the menu to make the rest look cheaper in comparison. Starters Chick-Chick Chicken Legs $4.00 Fried chicken legs i
Free soda refills make a restaurant seem generous to customers. The fact is soda costs 6 to 30 cents per serving. By charging $2.50 or $3.00 per soda,
The dishes with the longest descriptions aren't those that need them most. llttimate Ques SALADS Our salad is always fresh! CHICKEN GAILL SALAD Grille
GRICY Charging customers more at a buffet tricks them into thinking the food is better. In a 2014 study, researchers asked 139 diners to rate food at
The color gold influences customers to leave larger tips. FLLAIRS 75 20 Dulinp Se CRDUNT 6. Py Outet DUcK TACB.376 Bro uCh: atal eru ugu N Thank A ser
When dining out, you may notice your dessert is round. Research has shown that seeing a round shape makes the brain perceive more sweetness. Restauran
Bars provide complimentary salty snacks because it makes beer easier to drink. CRAun Beer's bitter taste, a byproduct of hops, can be tamed by salt. S
Cafes and coffee shops offer free WiFi to entice customers into staying longer (and spending more). According to a survey, free WiFi helps small eater
25 Ways Restaurants (Sneakily) Hack Your Brain
Research has shown that if the cutlery is heavier, diners rate the food as higher-quality and are willing to pay 15% more.
Restaurants make TAKEAWAY more money when they FOOD DEUY allow people to order PRTA RUUDGURR food online. STEAY Besaoaps o09 NOMT People are more will
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