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The school year is winding down, which makes us get sentimental about our own educational experience. Specifically, it makes us want to complain about it. So many things about the long years we spent in school were absolute garbage.

So we asked our readers to tell us the bullshittiest parts of their school days. Here's what they came up with.

Entry by jimclass

When the school day ended, I got to spend an additional hour trapped in a bus with all ages of bullies and miscreants and little to no adult supervisi

Entry by PollyDarton

LTS vis nson FUN BAGS nes KID CHINESE ato Tock mith FRo lliams My Health teacher left his roll book open on his desk one day and I caught a glimpse of

Entry by Buttersnix

CRACKEDC Oh, you're So-and-So's sibling? I'm going to expect you act EXACTLY the same as they did.

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