The 24 Absolute Worst Things About Being A Student

The 24 Absolute Worst Things About Being A Student

The school year is in full swing, which makes us get sentimental about our own educational experience. Specifically, it makes us want to complain about it. So many things about the long years we spent in school were absolute garbage. We mean real garbage, like we were put in a trash can and rolled down the street. Still can't get that old lasagna smell out of our hair. But we're not bitter about it. 

What we're bitter about is student debt - and even with the Biden plan in play now there are so, so many people that are up to their ears. But hey, don't take our word for it - go to the people and see what they have to say. And by people we mean our astute, killer audience.

So we asked our readers to tell us the bullshittiest parts of their school days. Here's what they came up with.


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