23 Times Famous Characters Didn't Make Sense

23 Times Famous Characters Didn't Make Sense

Actions matter more than words and this is especially true in Hollywood films. Many of the most iconic scenes in cinema have unfolded without the utterance of a single word.

Whatever keeps the theatrical experience so distinctive is the capacity to transmit an expression or sensation with a single glance, grunt, or gesture.

Some characters may be deafeningly silent or unable to communicate. Others may merely wish to remain silent. These figures have now been provided with no lines for very particular, compelling reasons, and in some ways they are tributes to the great silent film era. The directors and producers have a certain goal in mind for them, and it's usually a significant one.

Fantastic characters result in great films. Regrettably, the opposite is not always true. A film can be objectively excellent while still containing characters that make no sense. Their abilities are inconsistent, their goals are illogical, and their backstories are complete rubbish.

Keep reading for 23 Incredible Movie Characters Who Made No Sense. For example:

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GRAO In Beetlejuice, everyone in the afterlife looks like a grotesque version of how they died. So why do the Maitlands look perfectly normal and stil

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RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSEDREINDEER CRACKED COM Santa is known as a kind, jolly old elf. Why does he act like such a jerk to Rudolph for being different?
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