The 23 Most Surprising (True) Facts About Awful People


Most of the time, what we find enthralling about terrible people are the ways they go belly up. Sometimes, though, there are additional facts about their personal lives that can be just as interesting. We asked you to give us those facts, and gave $200 to the winner ...

Entry by Danzy

Charles Manson: Cult leader convicted of conspiracy to commit murder of six people including actress Sharon Tate. ALSO wRoTe NEVER LEARN NOT TO LOVE'

Entry by dbzeus

Kim Jung Il composed six including His book, operas, Sea of Blood, which On the Art of Opera has been staged be purchased over can I5oo times and has

Entry by ChristinaD

A Helping Hand? Before he took up serial murder Ted Bundy was busy saving lives. He worked a suicide hotline and he rescued a toddler from drowining.

Entry by psingh

CRACKED.COM Before Jim Jones led the 1978 cult murder/suicide of 900+ members of the People's Temple in Guyana (the largest deliberate loss of America


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