14 Celebrities Who Owe Their Fame To Other Famous People

14 Celebrities Who Owe Their Fame To Other Famous People

Understandably, several celebrities prefer to mingle with other famous stars. After all, they're neighbors, colleagues, as well as peers in their industry. And while these relationships usually make sense, they occasionally startle us with unexpected results.

Hollywood is a growing industry with a lot of long-lasting friendships. Here are a few of the most interesting celebrity connections in Hollywood, ranging from attending the same graduation to interacting on a movie set to producing films collectively. Most of them do not even take credit for their accomplishment and instead give them to other personalities and colleagues.

It's never unexpected to hear that well-known people are acquainted. We envision them attending the same parties and being members of the same secret groups. But it turns out they're more intertwined than you believed, to the point where some celebrities owe their celebrity entirely to other celebrities.

Bring a glass of coke and some freshly popped popcorn because a piece of interesting information is coming your way…

Entry by Tron69

Iggy Pop was an out of control drug addict when David Bowie took him under his wing. After helping Pop wean himself off drugs, Bowie helped him write

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