16 Beloved Things, Driven By Money

16 Beloved Things, Driven By Money

Throughout their appearance, an actor who has the flair and the presentation can transcend the shape of the human spirit, but somewhere at the end of each day, regardless of how much is the outcome of all of that labor means to viewers on an emotional connection, it's still the film industry and this is still a career for someone. Also, while a performance in an internationally praised independent film may get a performer a few plaudits as well as an Oscar nomination or two, blockbuster movies are generally the ones that pay the bills.

We've always done these things in our careers that were inspired by the knowledge that we were getting paid, and hollywood's top names are no exception.

Did you know that Jim Davis invented Garfield with the express purpose of selling merchandise? He's a marketer who grew up watching Peanuts and decided he wanted his own Snoopy — a bland, inoffensive animal figure with stock catchphrases that would make a cute plush toy. And it turns out that a lot of it is going on right in front of our eyes.

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